6 Easy Steps to Add Twitter Feeds to Your Webpage


If you want to embed multiple Tweets on our website in a compact, single-column view and want to display the latest Tweets from a single Twitter account for this a Twitter collection may be rendered in either a list or a responsive grid template.

The steps below will help you. Ones you started using Twitter account, The most reliable and easy approach is that you can put the official Twitter widget on your website.

The widget can be embedded on any website that allows the use of JavaScript. The Widget is very clever and intelligent to handle size adjustment when using a responsive website.

Step 1. Go to twitter setting

Step 2: Select Twitter Widgets

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6 Easy Steps to Add Twitter Feeds to Your Webpage

How To create Custom Checkbox and Radio Button Using Pure CSS

In this blog we are going to explain how to create custom checkbox and radio button using CSS. I have write CSS and HTML code separately, You can easily understand complete code. This blog is very useful for developers. radio-checkbox-button

CSS :-

  1. **/*Radio button*/
  2. .radio, .checkbox{display: inline-block;}
  3. .radio { padding:5px; margin-left:40px; }
  4. .radio input[type=”radio”] { opacity: 0; position: absolute; cursor:pointer;}
  5. .radio input[type=”radio”] + label { color:#555; line-height:25px; display:inline-block; text-indent:-38px; }
  6. .radio input[type=”radio”]:checked + label > mark:before { content:’ ‘; background:#0d7fbe; width:12px; height:12px; display:inline-block; margin:4px; border-radius:20px;}
  7. ……


HTML : –

  1. class=“radio”>
  2. type=“radio” name=“id” id=“id_0” value=“x”>
  3. for=“id_0”> Yes

  • <div class=“radio”>
  • ……
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