Simple chat application in node.js


Today, I am going to show you, how to create a simple chat application in node js using a special model “”. It simply transmits messages from one client to all others.

For this, I am going to create two files:-

1: main.js (Server root files)

2: index.html

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Simple chat application in node.js

5 Things to Remember While Managing Multiple Projects


Project Managers shy away from taking up multiple projects, thinking multiple project management is an uncanny ability that only a handful of people have. Learn how anyone can ensure flawless, seamless management of multiple projects.

Convene an initial meeting to determine what actions can be taken to attain synergy            among team members and achieve desired goals. Once you figure out the best way out, the next big step is to allocate tasks to the team members

  • The Better The Collaboration, The Higher The Success Ratio In Multiple Projects.
  • Devise A Clear Strategy For Each Project.

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5 Things to Remember While Managing Multiple Projects

Object-Oriented JavaScript


Objects are used to represent the real world entities in our code like bank account, books, person, etc, by storing all relevant information in one place, i.e, an object. We have two ways to create objects in javascript, i.e., ‘Literal notation’ and ‘Constructor functions notation’.

You must be thinking what are they and what is the difference between them? Right! Let’s start with the object definition :

Constructor functions notation

Literal Notation

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Object-Oriented JavaScript

How to avoid duplicate data insertion using php and MySql


This blog will help user learn how to avoid the duplicate entries in the database. Storing duplicate values in the table must be avoided while inserting data in the database table. As these duplicate entries can create many problem in the application.

Developers go with many data insertion practice to avoid duplicate entry which are discussed as below:

1- Remove duplicate values using ‘DISTINCT’ key in mysql query, if it is present in table.

2- Check whether the value is present in table or not using PHP and Mysql before inserting data into the table.

3- We can also avoid duplicate values storing in mysql table while inserting by primary key.

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How to avoid duplicate data insertion using php and MySql

Kill Yourself If You Can’t Be Productive with ‘Content’


A cardinal sin in today’s world is to sit on under cooked and unproductive content. As the age-old approach of spray and pray is slowly slipping into the folds of obsolescence, newer ways to reaching to the prospects are making inroads into email and marketing strategy.

In the era of Marketing Automation software, everyone is trying to embrace content marketing, but only few are able to reap its benefits. A cursory approach is nipping the content bud without allowing it to bloom into a flower. All this is happening as there is no strategy in place to produce and promote engaging content.

A new steps to make the most of your content marketing strategy and distribute it to the right audience.

Make an equation to come up with creative topics.

Tools help you stay organized.

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Kill Yourself If You Can’t Be Productive with ‘Content’

Password hashing in wordpress using PHP


WordPress doesn’t ever store client passwords as plain content. This is the essential motivation behind why, on the off chance that you forget or lose your password, you have to reset it.

Your password is not stored by wordpress, regardless of the possibility that if your database is hacked, the hacker won’t does not know what your original password was. This is the reason why we hashed our password.

Distinctive hashing calculations have contrasting levels of security in light of the relative sizes of the hash strings created.

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Password hashing in wordpress using PHP

Genie effect on Ubuntu



This is an interesting blog if you want to use Mac OS like Genie effect on your Ubuntu machine then this blog might be useful for you.

Follow these steps and at the end you will get changed minimized and maximized animations which looks cool.

  • You need to install “compiz” and “CompizConfig Settings Manager” from Ubuntu software center.
  • Go to Ubuntu Dash and type compizConfig Setting Manager

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Genie effect on Ubuntu