Embed a Tweet on Your Website or Blog


Twitter is one of the most prominent sources of traffic to your blog post or even your business website. On Twitter, a user can create a profile, where they can share their views, news, ideas, and media like images, video and animation. Also, there is a facility of creating a poll, where one tries to make mood of people on an important topic.

Over 1.3 billion accounts are registered on Twitter. Of them, 320 million users use Twitter. Infact, number of Twitter users in the USA itself is 65 millions. The figure for monthly visitors on Twitter is  500 millions.

Source: expandedramblings

Limit on Twitter is just 140 characters, meaning you have to express yourself in just those 140 characters. A key to note here is that images take 24 characters, whereas link of any length can consume  23 characters. Your tweet in such a case has to be [140 – ( 24+23)] characters or less. Millions of URLs are posted in tweets on daily basis. T.co is the automatic url shortner service provided by Twitter to its users. All links inside tweets and messages, regardless of length, will eventually be wrapped under t.co

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Embed a Tweet on Your Website or Blog

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