All You Need to Know about iOS Development

All You Need to Know about iOS Development

iOS, a mobile operating system, has become very popular among app developers due to skyrocketing rise in the numbers of people using iOS devices – iPhone, iPad, iPod touch and Apple TV. Most clients want to join the bandwagon of iOS development as Apple acquires a big chunk of market shares in the mobile platform. For developers, there are many online forums available, where they can learn about iOS development. In this article, I am going to shed light on various platforms available for iOS development and what impact it has on the technology world. Objective-C is the programming language used for iPhone app development, though a modern programming language, called Swift, is now also available to make your life as a developer much easier.


iOS Development Cycle

There are many factors a client needs to take into consideration before starting the project of an iPhone app development. First, try finding answers to a set of questions, like what your app aims at, why people would embrace it, what all features must be there to swoon people, etc. Such a practice removes a lot of hurdles that crop up in coding phase. A plethora of options are available to decide the kind of iOS app you want to develop, such as entertainment, health care, travel, lifestyle, fun & games, etc. As an iOS developer you need to use Xcode, an integrated development environment (IDE) for iOS software. Once you download Xcode, you get a suite of software development tools, like IDE, simulators, a gamut of frameworks etc, to build apps for iOS devices.

UI for iOS app

User interface of a mobile application has to be very attractive to encourage user engagement. UIKit, Core Graphics(Quartz 2D), Core Animation, Core Image and OpenGL ES are some of iOS’s many drawing systems used for designing a beautiful UI. It’s also important to understand how Model, View, Controller (MVC) works with Xcode, as it paves the way for faster development of iOS apps with user interfaces. Apple has already made available numerous APIs to access app extensions, Photos, Healthkits, Touch ID and many more to empower your iOS app with integration of advanced features.

IOS app Outsourcing

Choosing right company for iOS app development project is the matter of paramount importance for any client to ensure the app exactly delivers what it was intended for in the very beginning. Clients can also outsource their iOS development projects as it not only saves a lot of cost for them, but ensures development of immaculate apps as well since the work is taken by developers who have a great passion for mobile apps development. Many online project and task management tools are a great resource for clients to hire freelance iOS app developers, ensuring timely completion of projects without any compromise with quality. Along with that various resources for iOS developers are also available in the form of iOS developer forum that help to learn and resolve app development queries and as a result finest product is delivered from the development end.

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All You Need to Know about iOS Development

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