5 Amazing Cloud Based Tools for Android Development

cloud base tools

Android is currently the most-used mobile platform worldwide, and without a doubt, has become immensely popular among app developers world over. Several software development kits (SDKs) are available in tech market to develop Android apps. However, using cloud based tools for Android development saves significant costs and gives rise to faster development of Android apps. With cloud-based tools, you don’t need to deploy your own server for running your app. It also saves you money by eliminating the need of a backend developer to code your app and establish a connection with database.

There are many virtues of cloud-based tools for Android development, and this blog sheds light on top 5 Backend as a Service (BaaS) available to power your Android app.



Parse is a top-notch BaaS to develop a full-featured app in quick time, and add a scalable and powerful backend. With Parse, it becomes a doddle to store data, manage users, send push notifications, track analytics etc.  Parse gives the flexibility of developing applications for all major platforms.

Image source: blog.revivalx.com

Advantages of Parse are:

  1. Developers need less lines of code for API integration.
  2. Parse is a perfect fit for maps as goes really well with real-world latitude and longitude.
  3. Search functionality works really well with usage of keywords.
  4. Reduces complexity of handling data.
  5. ….

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5 Amazing Cloud Based Tools for Android Development

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