ASP.NET MVC Do’s and Dont’s or Best Practices

Hello Friends, MVC is now getting more popular day by day, So before dealing with MVC we need to understand some Do’s and Dont’s of it. This blog will help you to understand Do’s and Dont’s of ASP.NET MVC.


ASP.NET MVC Do’s and Dont’s / Best Practices

  1. Old Version of JQuery and Third party references. While adding any third party tool like KendoUI, Angular js or even simple JQuery files sometime we won’t add latest references for them which creates issues at later stage or somewhere having performance issues. Try using updated reference for these files.
  2. Bundling and Minification Bundling is a simple logical grouping of files that could be referenced by unique name and loaded with single http requestor, Basically it reduces the number of individual HTTP requests to server. Where as Minification is a process of removing unnecessary whitespace, line break,comments and other unnecessary characters including long variables name renaming to shorter like “EmployeeFirstName” to “e”, from code to reduce its size thereby improving load times.
  3. Don’t use “magic strings” Dont use ViewData[“key”], but always create a ViewModel per each View, and use strongly-typed views like:- ViewPage< ViewModel>.
  4. User Base Controller Enforce your own Base Controllers (having security and other settings) to inherit from all controllers.
  5. Delete the sample code which is not needed Most of the application still have these code file which we never use and it’s a bad practice to keep demo code in your applications.
  6. Put all validation logic in the model. In MVC we preferred DataAnnotations for validation. These annotations are added as attributes to the properties of….

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ASP.NET MVC Do’s and Dont’s or Best Practices

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