Sending WhatsApp Message in .Net

Hi Friends!
This time I am here with a very small article about sending WhatsApp Message from your .Net application.
You need following things for that.

1-WART(WhatsApp Registration Tool)
This a tool with which you can get the password to be used in API.

2-WhatsApp Api for C#(Highly Unstable Currently and Without any proper documentation)

3- Any mobile number on which you are not using WhatsApp currently and You will not be using it in future for WhatApp(As your number may be blocked if you send multiple messages. Again the blocking criteria is uncertain and my number was blocked after 3-5 messages !!):-(

So first thing first. Download the WhatsApp Api for C# via nuget package manager. If you see a reference of the API in your reference,that’s good. Otherwise download the API manually and add the reference.


– Read the full Blog at: Sending WhatsApp Message in .Net

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Sending WhatsApp Message in .Net

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