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Content is King” This is a very well known phrase we get to hear, Content in some way or the other and it holds the most significant role in our daily life, back from our toddler days to present date.

It is the most essential part of our communication process since we mainly rely on communication, what we speak how people react to that.

Even a one year old child tries to communicate in some sort or the other with those distracting sounds they make that little thing is communication which they establish with us. You must have seen newborns very closely observing your speech,shape those lips make the voice which comes out from your very mouth that my dear friend is content which has a information to it.

Content is sometimes expressed through mediums such as speech, writing and other forms of Arts. Content is not limited,but is used through some modern forms such as Print (news paper,magazine, books) Interactive events plays, theater, live events, conferences and stage performances, Multimedia like T.V, Radio,Films, Audio C.D and Internet.

In the present modern scenario Internet is a well know thing it is a must have technology today, from a school going girl to an old granny who likes to communicate with her on holidays. Usage of Internet has taken mighty leaps, but ‘have you wondered what makes the Internet running…? Its the rich useful content people put for its seeker from email,maps,news to entertainment services.

So how does rich content helps in generating business Content? It is also helpful in fetching the desired traffic to a particular website for that specified purpose some S.E.O (Search Engine Optimization) content is created with the purpose of attracting search engine traffic,for reference here are some optimization tricks most commonly practiced.

SEO Content :

To tweak any product/website in Google search engine’s results one must optimize the following factors.

Key word Research :

Write in context what people are already searching for on the Internet(something relevant).

Key word Optimization :

Learn where to,and how to use keywords in your content for maximum search ability their are websites which guide through like SEMoz .

Content Organization :

Make sure that your content is organized in every logical way which is also good for SEO tweaking.

Content promotion :

Increase visibility to every new content created by sharing it on social networks and building links to your content both internally and externally .


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Content is King -FindNerd

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