Digital Marketing in India

Indian Economy is growing at the growth rate of 5 percent 2013-2014, it is the tenth largest economy in the world in G.D.P comparison and third largest in P.P.P (Purchasing power party). India is doing well in international and domestic markets.

Agriculture is the largest sector in India, manufacturing industry has fair share of its contribution towards country’s economy leading sector is the service industry which consists many industries such as banking, telecom, retail and I.T.
Where in outsourcing is an constant contributor from BPO to KPO also digital outsourcing as an emerging for many services such as social media, online advertising and website designing.

Contribution of Internet in Indian economy : Internet access is largely by the working professionals, communicating through email is part of their work which is widely used by all domestic and MNC firms and intensifying use of mobile services mainly by the youth of India.
Fresh graduates passing from college updating their lifestyles on social networks where they usually spend their time socializing with friends and family.

Young India:

As a forecast India will be the youngest country by 2020, every third person in Indian city is a youth at present which will be a boon to the economy in years to come as young Indians will join the force to contribute to the economy. Youth now have greater participation in politics and over all view of India as an developing super power house. Since the globalization in 1991 Indians have shown their great interest in brands and this has fueled by Internet use and digital promotions from television to Internet promotions.

Changing India :

India is changing drastically each passing moment, be it social changes or the latest Moon Explorations to Mass.There is an overhauling drive of change in India, people want India to change in every aspect of life. We now have very liberal and modern approach towards life. Improved lifestyles and more disposable income in hand Indians are aspiring for the best in life.

The number of Indian users connecting to Internet through Laptop, Desktop, Mobile handsets, or smart TV all adds up to 94.7 million approximately.

2.38 corer users access internet from mobile phones.

A typical Indian user mainly uses internet for; search, online communication and social networking.
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Digital Marketing in India

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