SEO Friendly Article Writing For Marketing

An article writing for promotion purpose is an important thing in the field of Digital Marketing. Before start writing an article for marketing one should know that there are several guidelines which are necessary to make it perfectly SEO friendly and that best suited as per the guidelines defined by the search engine. For a marketing article, there are three important sections that need special attention while writing about any topic. These three important sections are Main Title of the article, Body of the article & the last but important one is the Resource Box which is also known as Author box.

Here are some guidelines how to write a perfect Title, the body of article & the content in resource box.


Try to place the keyword phrase that you’re targeting at the beginning of your headline.

Title should be 3-8 words long.

It should be more specific than the keywords that are associated with your website.

If possible use sub title with secondary keyword.

Don’t use technical jargon.

Body of Article:

Before you begin writing your article, you should know all of the keywords that are relevant to the topic.

Try to use your keyword phrase in the first 3 paragraphs.

Just write naturally about your topic. Don’t do keyword staffing, as it should be easy for a reader to understand and that it provides helpful information.

Carefully place your keyword phrase within 5 lines.

Keep it Short – Limit your article to less than 1000 words.

The density of keyword, no more than 3% in the body content.

Use keyword phrase to appear in different forms, for example, use key phrases like ‘race cars,’ ‘racing cars,’ ‘race car gear’, etc.

Be sure to use proper spelling and grammar.

Divide your articles into chapters or units, which will make the articles reader friendly. Or you need to use sub heading for your long article.

Never copy someone else’s article and paste as yours, you can write similar article and give a link to source of your information.

Make goal-oriented plan in order to determine how your content work for your website?

You can add your Social Media Marketing Pages like Facebook and Twitter, Google+ links so they can follow you.

If possible include an image, to attract the visitor.

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SEO Friendly Article Writing For Marketing

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