eBooks : Part of Modern Lifestyle

EBooks are the modern way of learning and studying. Most of the students prefer eBooks because of their portability, easy to manage, read and more interactive features than printed books. eBooks are not only for students, rather it is also becoming the part of young generation and businessmen. Most of the printed books, magazines, newspapers, reports and many other readable things are available in eBooks. These features makes book reading very easy and interactive. So now we can say that eBooks are becoming the part of modern lifestyle.

eBook Devices and Formats

There are many ebook devices like kindle, sony reader, nook, apple ipad and many other devices which are compatible with different ebook formats. IT industries are now not only working for providing ebooks but also developing different formats of ebooks like ePub, eReader, Amazon Kindle Format, iPhone, iPad formats, KF8, PDB, ePDF, .lit, etc. They convert ePub to Mobi, Mobi to ePub, sony reader to nook etc., thats why conversion services like ePub Conversion, .mobi conversion, kindle conversion service are widely accepted by IT industries.

eBooks Popularity Statistics

Popularity of eBooks can be calculated on the basis of statistics that says 20% of books sold in US during 2012, were eBooks. Therefore eBooks are the major part of the books sales which is keep on increasing day by day. eBooks have generated total revenue of $3B in US in 2012, which is increased by 44.2% as compared to 2011. eBooks are also playing a major role in US economy. In US, a person spends 0.9 hours per day in reading eBooks. People also spend a significant amount of their time in reading books online. In 2012, 34% of eBook readers were from urban states whereas 32% were from suburban and 20% were from rural states. eBook readers include a large amount of young aged people. It has been noticed that 31% of readers from 18 to 29 years age group have an eBook as per the past 12 months. Young generation is rapidly using eBooks in their daily life. It is becoming their part of life because of their benefits which offers them more reliability. Today more and more people are less interested in printed books and moving towards eBook reading. 75% of Americans aged 16 and over read printed books in 2012 which was 78% in 2011. However, eBook readers count is rapidly increasing, as 23% of American aged 16 and over read eBook in 2012 which was 16% in 2011.

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eBooks : Part of Modern Lifestyle

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