SERP- Search Engine Results Page

In today’s online world it is necessary and essential to understand the term SERP.
SERP stands for Search Engine Result Page, which refers to the listing of the search result; returned or displayed by the search engine when user enter any query in the search bar.
In other words, When user enters/inputs any query in the search engine (Google, Yahoo, Bing etc) result returned by the search engine is SERP.

Components of SERP

User Search Query: It is actual search query, keyword or a set of keywords typed by a user in search engine search bar.

Organic SERP: These are the natural listing generated by the search engine on the search result page based on the relevance of the term or keyword entered by a user in the search bar. If you want your site to appear on the top of the search result page like Google then you have to work on off page and on page SEO.

Paid SERP: These are the are advertisements, or sponsored links included by search engines, to use this service or to display your ad here. You have to apply pay-per-click search campaign (i.e- google search engine provide Google Adwords- keyword planner).

SERP Result Sample

For more information, Please visit: Search Engine Result Page

SERP- Search Engine Results Page

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