Importance of Blogging

Why Should I Blog

Before focusing on the main theme, I would like to share some views on why I am writing this blog
the whole day i was thinking that what should I write?And the last question that hit my mind and which might be hitting many of your minds too is Why Should I Blog?
After taxing my brain for many hours I finally came up with an answer:
Blogging has a lot of advantage’s for us and our business

Sharing information

It sharpens your mind and keeps you in touch with latest updates of trend and technology and helps maintain your business at top of the curve. All of us are full of useful information and knowledge about technology on which we work, which can benefit our readers. we are experts of the products and services that we have provided but as a technocrat we must know that things evolve and keep on changing, so when ever new information comes out, we can be the first to tell our colleagues, clients or readers about the exciting changes in technology.

Increases Traffic to your Website

Posting of blogs escalates your web ranking in search engine, as each time we blog our website amplifies one page bigger, Search engines starts noticing our blog and page will begin to get indexed,

It is one of the most important aspect of Business growth,but the Game doesn’t end here. once you are prepared with blogs and after posting it on the web, it is also important to broadcast and share the blog on social media platform which draws more traffic to our website which can be converted into future customer.

Maintaining Brand Consistency:-

Being Consistent is the most difficult part in the business as every one is aware about the swelling competition. Only the ones at the top understand the hard work that goes behind getting to the top and maintaining your position.

In Blogging as well, people who are consistent in posting blogs are considered adroit in their fields of business, this is the reason why readers burn their eyes sitting in front of PC’s and iPad’s in anticipation of the next post from them

Thus it increases our earnings, as we can leverage reader loyalty and persuade them to follow a particular course of action or buy a particular product.

I will elaborate on further advantages of blogging in my next post. Please feel free to share your opinion on why do you think it is important to blog and what is your motivation behind blogging?

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Importance of Blogging

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